MAY   1

It would be difficult to tell the story of CP tower in Alliance Ohio without telling the story of Alliance block station too. SO..........

Here is a map for a point of reference.

The following two pictures were already on my site but Dave Oroszi sent higher resolution images to replace them.

                           CP  Alliance   1    2      PRR

CP was at MP 82.8 (from Pittsburgh) on PRR's Ft. Wayne Line. It controlled the junction of the Ft Wayne Line with the Cleveland and Pittsburgh (C&P) (PRR) main line between Alliance and Cleveland; the Detour Secondary Track between Alliance and Niles and the east lead into Alliance yard.

After a major derailment in 1980 at Alliance BS CP tower and Alliance BS were combined, the entire area fully interlocked and moved into the depot. They called the new combined interlocking "Alliance".  As a side note the depot was built in 1952 replacing the old one.

                            Alliance   1    2         PRR

Alliance was at MP 83.0 (two tenths of a mile from CP Tower) on PRR's Ft Wayne Line. It controlled the manual crossing of the Mahoning Secondary Track and the Ft Wayne Line. It was the only non-interlocked railroad crossing at grade between New York and Chicago on the PRR. In addition to its other "duties" it served as a block station for Cleveland bound trains only. Alliance also controlled three locations with hand operated non electric switches an one location with hand operated switches equipped with electric locks. To repeat part of the above; Alliance was combined with CP, made into a REAL interlocking and moved into the Alliance depot.

Alliance used a "tilt target" system to govern movements here. As per ETT special instructions; trains on the Ft Wayne line did not have to stop if target was in their favor. Considering how busy PRR's Pittsburgh to Chicago Line (Ft Wayne Line) was I'm in the dark as why they would have this type of arrangement. Wally Mattes and I have discussed this and for reasons that would take far to long to articulate the both of us half way understand Pennsy's reasoning.

There is more to it than this but in a nutshell due to single tracking, CTC and other factors, by 1996 all but one tower were closed on the Cleveland to Alliance Line. (DB in Cleveland was the last one) All the above info...Dave Oroszi/Dan Maners  and
various PRR/PC ETT's

Personal jab....The railroad never misses an opportunity to combine IE, cut jobs. Who knows maybe if the money was coming out of my pocket I probably would feel the same way.

Alliance Jct(AJ) figures into the CP/Alliance deal. It was a few miles east of Alliance on PRR's Ft Wayne Line. The line went from Alliance Jct to Niles. The route was part of the Pittsburgh, Youngstown and Ashtabula(PY&A)(PRR) Here are two maps for clarification. My PRR ETT 1965 doesn't have a listing for AJ so it was gone by at least this point in time.

                         Cleveland Division   close up

Regarding the picture of Alliance Jct., it was about 3 miles to the east where the Alliance Branch joined the main line.  Reading the tea leaves, I'd say that tower went away and the branch got extended west to CP tower.  Note the manual block signal on the north track (lever 30L) and the non-automatic distant signal 811.
Rob Mandeville

"I'm pregnant Ted; but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it".....M J Kopechne

MAY   2

Illinois................................Jay Chicago Heights  EJ&E x C&EI

Diagram was sent via Geoff Hubbs. I threw in an already existing on my site picture so you would know what was going on. Jay was a "J" tower.

                                       photo  diagram

MAY   3

Three singles from three different photographers, states and railroads.

Missouri...........................Sheffield  Kansas City   KCS ?

Ohio.................................Ansonia   NYC

West Virginia...................Clarksburg     B&O 

MAY   4

UPDATE on an update(May 1....CP/Alliance update) More information and two maps have been added, courtesy of Rob Mandeville. It is the last two paragraphs. Scroll up and read.

No pictures today just two diagrams. This is a tale of 2 Vernons.

Ohio...................................Vernon   PRR

This diagram is of particular interest, at least to me, because it is a very obscure tower even though it was on NYC's hot Cleveland to Indianapolis Line. I have never seen a picture of Vernon tower and upon asking around neither had the guys I asked. According to Rob Mandeville it was a few miles out from Crestline on the NYC and 4.9 miles from Toledo Jct on the PRR
I'll let Bill Haines explain more :

Vernon is where the PRR Toledo line crossed the Big 4 Galion - Cleveland line. I think Vernon would have closed when the PRR was abandoned between Tiro and Toledo Jct which was before 1967.  This would have resulted in the diamonds being removed. The PRR abandoned this segment to avoid Tiro Hill. The Toledo trains were rerouted via a connection at Bucyrus and operated over the main Toledo Jct to Bucyrus and Sandusky Branch Bucyrus to Carrothers.(refer to close up map)  I used to know what year the abandonment took place, I think it was late 50s to early 60s.
Bill Haines

Maps showing the general area and a close up. Find Toledo Jct and Vernon is the first place going North West.

New Jersey............................Vernon    PRR

It was also know as West Haddonfield and HI, its call letters.

MAY    5

Seven towers ,all new and all came by way of Geoff Hubbs. Any information about them would be greatly appreciated.

Florida................................*Tower  C   Jacksonville   SCL

Iowa....................................*Marshalltown     CNW

Maine..................................*North Berwick    B&M

Maryland.............................*Havre de Grace    B&O

New Jersey..........................*Roseville Ave  Newark    DL&W

Ohio....................................*New Concord      B&O

Pennsylvania......................*Reading     PRR

Just a few items :

The name Havre de Grace conjures up images of hot PRR passenger trains racing up and down the North East Corridor, But the B&O did have a presence there too. At this point the B&O went from double to single to cross the Susquehanna River.(Pennsy would have built a magnificent DOUBLE track span !!!)

North Berwick : Boston and Maine's Eastern Route and Western Route crossed here.

Roseville Ave : I had a  diagram only, now thanks to Mr Hubbs I finally have a photo.

Tower C : This might not be the name of the tower but until I hear differently this will stand.

MAY   6

Three from ex EL/CR operator Phil Albano.

Ohio.................................Bricker    PRR

Bricker was located close to Frazeysburg at MP 142.8 (from Pittsburgh) on Pennsy's Pittsburgh to Columbus Line. I always wondered why Bricker was so big for no more than it controlled. PRR's plan was to have a large CTC panel installed in Bricker and thereby eliminating several towers in the surrounding area.
For one reason or another this never came to fruition.

Bricker was built in 1946 and he controlled a set of crossovers and both ends of two sidings, one on each side of the double track main. Black Run was the name of the remote interlocker that led in and out of the sidings furthest from the tower(MP 144.8) He also controlled a block station called Aro(MP 134.1) A hot box detector read out machine was installed at some point too. A Union Switch and Signal(USS) CTC panel was built to accommodate 50 or 60 levers but only 12 were used.

After through traffic was removed from Pittsburgh to Columbus the tower was closed (Dec 1981)......Dave Oroszi/Dan Maners

                                          Morgan  Run      PRR

Morgan Run was on PRR's Pittsburgh to Columbus main located at MP 115.6. Wheeling and Lake Erie's(N&W) 75 mile Harmon to Zanesville Branch crossed here. Morgan Run controlled a universal set of crossovers, the PRR end of an interchange track and the west end of two long sidings running from Coshocton to Morgan Run. This location was known as "Wally" MP 121.8. Looking through my vague notes I believe this was once known as "WV" (Walhonding Valley) I could be wrong(I generally am.) The tower also controlled a block station called "Clow" MP 124.5. I'm assuming this name came from Clow Pipe,a one time huge customer for the PRR and PC.

It had a USS mechanical plant with an S-8 add on and was PRR owned and staffed....Dave Oroszi/Jerry Taylor/Dan Maners

                                         Piqua     PRR

Piqua was at MP 72.2(from Cols) on Pennsy's Columbus to Chicago via Bradford line. B&O's Cincinnati to Toledo Line crossed here. By B&O's reckoning it was at MP 87.5 (from Cincy ?) I believe the PRR line through here received an extensive rehab during the late days of PC or maybe early Conrail just to have them abandon it. Like we used to say on the railroad. "Be worried when the railroad fixes ANYTHING up; it will be abandoned shortly" Piqua's call letters were "NA"

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