Thanks to all of you, August was a better month than July as far as "hits" were concerned. And July was the highest month on record up to that time. Again, thanks. Keep contributing and viewing.


We'll start September off with another Carl Wallenmeyer update. This might be Carl's swan song as according to him, he has reached the bottom of his files. Lets hope there are a few more sets he has overlooked.

Kentucky.......................JN  Louisville     K&IT

                            1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8

Anyone with any information about JN or the K&IT please write. I have at least three other towers that were Kentucky and Indiana Terminal(K&IT). I believe my beloved Southern owned the K&IT and I think they eventually took over the whole thing.

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Five all new from the late Henry Wilhelm; via John Garofalo.

Massachusetts......................*L  Lynn   BRB&L

New Jersey...........................*Franklin Jct.    L&HR

New York.............................*GI  Gibson    LIRR

                                              *GP  Goshen    Erie

                                              *RO  Valley Stream    LIRR

BRB&L-Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn

L&HR-Lehigh and Hudson River

An August 4 update shows "OH"; another tower on the BRB&L Railroad.


This weekend is the last hurrah of the Summer. Due to my "illness" I have spent this Summer in bed. It gave me more time to work on the website. May all of you have a nice Labor Day.

I was flipping through the channels and I came across some Tour de France coverage. I may have said this before but..... You know who won the 1940 Tour de France??? It was Erwin Rommel and 7th Panzer Division !!!!!!...........LOL

Today I have four diagrams and one photo. The diagrams are from 1946 and were sent by ex operator, Carl Barneyback. They are all Illinois Central an all in Chicago.

The photo of Haley was taken by my very good friend Dominic Angelo Morrone....That is an Irish name, right ????? I have known him since he was a teenager and he is one of the best photographers I know. The truth is Dominic "requested" I post his picture....He is Sicilian and he said that it would NOT be in my best interests if the photo was not posted !!!!!

Illinois..................................51st St.     photo  diagram  

                                              67th St.    photo  diagram

                                              Kensington   photo  diagram

                                              Randolph St.

I have no photos for 51st St and Randolph St.....Hint hint Geoff Hubbs....Geoff sent me a pic of 51st St.....Thanks Geoff...still need Randolph, anyone.

Indiana...................................Haley(HY)  C&EI x NYC     C&EI

I had a write up about Haley a few months ago so I did not want to re post the same information.

SEPTEMBER   7    Labor Day

After seeing Carl Wallenmeyer's pictures of JN, I was inspired to post a small K&IT expose. The Kentucky an Indiana Terminal was jointly owned by the B&O, Monon and Southern. Here is a map of the K&IT and the six towers (highlighted in green) All except VI were in Louisville. All except X were photographed by the late Bob McCord. Bob was a NYC/PC/CR operator.

        DI  30th St.

        FG(Fairgrounds)  Virginia Ave.

        JN(L&S Jct)

        M  Madison St.

        VI  Main St. New Albany  Indiana

         X  16th St.

VI used an eight lever Taylor electric machine.

Yes Virginia; that is Clagg tower in the background in the "X" photo.

As with ALL my updates; I welcome any information about the towers. All the information I get I am filing in a Word document. I would like to make all my collected tower information to be accessible to my viewers someday.


Geoff Hubbs sent two diagrams and eight towers; six of them new.

Arkansas..........................*Hoxie   MP x Frisco

Illinois...............................Gresham   photo  diagram

                                           Vandalia  PRR x  IC      PRR

Massachusetts..................*Tower A   Boston     B&M

New Jersey.........................Atlantic  Atlantic City  diagram

New York..........................*SS#48  Syracuse     NYC

                                           *Sterling      NYC

Ohio...................................*BO  Warren   B&O x Erie  B&O?

Pennsylvania........................Penn Haven  LV x CNJ   CNJ

Wisconsin............................*Ryan Oak Creek  CNS&M X CNW

CNS&M- Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee.

This photo of Vandalia is the old tower. The design of the new tower is typical PRR from the WWII era.

Check out that ladder in the Tower A shot. Were they expecting wide load Stacy Adams to ascend the wooden stairs ?????

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Delaware............................JU  Elsmere Jct  B&O x RDG  RDG?

Pennsylvania....................*HX  Palmerton  1   2     CNJ

                                           PQ  Nesquehoning   CNJ

HX : The Chestnut Ridge Railway joined the CNJ main line here.  While the line was taken over by the Lehigh Valley in 1972, the tower was long closed by then........Geoff Hubbs


Geoff Hubbs sent a very nice diagram of Pittsburgh Station, 1947. Towers BU, PH, UF and US are highlighted in green. Pitt tower was built to consolidate all those towers...and JOBS !!!!!

I've read that PITT was the last mechanical interlocking machine installed in U.S. when all railroads had moved to all relay for new work.  But I can't find any article about the US&S order or the tower installation.........Geoff Hubbs

Three more from Steve Salamon.

Pennsylvania.......Glenwood Jct.(WJ)  1   2   3  Pittsburgh  B&O

Photo one is looking east from the Glenwood Bridge, showing a westbound transfer job from Demmler Yard coming into Glenwood Yard, on June 18, 1982.  Although the tower is not in the photo, it does show the portion of the interlocking east of the Glenwood Bridge.  There was once a double slip switch on the track closest to the riverbank, where the W&P Subdivision diverged.  Behind the second and third cars of this train, the W&P Subdivision can be seen, curving onto the bridge over the Monongahela River........Steve Salamon  

Photo Three  is of an eastbound road train, date of April 1, 1983.  The double track main line bypassed Glenwood Yard, running alongside Second Avenue between Laughlin Junction and Glenwood Junction.  The tower at Laughlin Junction, two miles to the west, was closed and removed in the mid-1970's, after completion of a CTC project on the P&W Subdivision between Pittsburgh and New Castle.  But Glenwood Junction was outside the scope of that CTC project, and remained open.  The diverging track under the second and third units of this train was the connection to the W&P (Wheeling & Pittsburgh) Subdivision between Pittsburgh and Wheeling, WV.  It was once used by passenger trains that ran between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati via Wheeling......SS 

Jeff Gast and I were at Glenwood Jct in October of 2002. We stopped here before descending on Pittsburgh. Like a few times before and after; I used my CSX ID to gain entrance to the tower. After the op saw my .357 tucked in my waistband that may have made a difference too.........JUST KIDDING....Here is one of the shots from inside. BTW Glenwood's call letters were "WJ".....Could that be "Wheeling Jct" ?........Dan Maners


I have four photos today from Wally Mattes. He is the undisputed tower guru for Indiana. He has a very extensive knowledge of  towers in general and of Indiana towers in particular. He also has a thorough understanding on how interlockings worked. I have been after him for a while to let me post his pictures on my site but he is writing a coffee table picture book on Indiana towers so my request was out of the question. He has finally relented in letting me post his non Indiana stuff. A few blackmail photos I had of Mr. Mattes helped swing things in my favor too.....Just kidding. A mutual friend of ours is scanning Wally's pics and as he gets them "worked" he will send them my way. I hope you will enjoy them as I have endured  a lot of blood, toil , sweat and tears in order to procure them.

I'll start with four from Canada. What he was doing up there is anyone's guess. Looking at towers would be my best guess.

Ontario................................Pelton  1    2    3    4        NYC?

Pelton was at MP 219.1 on NYC's Buffalo to Chicago via Canada Line. According to PC ETT #6 1972 the mileposts were reckoned from "Suspension Bridge". I'm assuming that was in Buffalo. The C&O crossed here. Again according to my timetable at this point in time Pelton was a CP point controlled by the C&O dispatcher. As in all my postings any additional information would be welcomed......Lisa Carol Fremont


One from Bert Zajac's collection and four from Wally Mattes.

Indiana..............................La Crosse   Monon x PRR    PRR

Dominic Morrone brought to my attention that the tower I had listed as North Judson was La Crosse. The tower was at MP 246.6 (from Cincinnati) on Pennsy's Cincy to Chicago Main. The CA&S (Chicago Attica and Southern) figured in here too in the day. It had an USS IS&F machine with 66 levers, 59 used. George Marx said the call letters for La Crosse were "DI".

The Pere Marquette(C&O) ended at LaCrosse and did not cross the Pennsy. The CE&I had a line called the "Old Coalie" and it came into LaCrosse. This later became the CA&S. The "Old Coalie" and the PM were literally an end to end deal here. This meeting was north of the PRR and south of the C&O. There were connections that went from the Monon to the PRR and from the Monon to the PM.........Wally Mattes  

Four from Wally :

Ohio...................................BS Bellefontaine       NYC

A lot went on here with a small handful of NYC lines converging at BS. There was once a yard and roundhouse facilities, now nothing except the main between Indianapolis and Cleveland remains. The diagrams I have for BS reveal much. Up until the 1980's Bellefontaine was the crew change point (MP 140.9) on the "B Line". Now the crew change point is at Crestline, MP 75.7. Mileposts are reckoned from Cleveland. I've worked the B line on and off for years and unless you know what to look for; you can hardly tell there was anything here. The tower has gone through a number of facelifts.....1910  1952 The tower is still standing........William Henry Pratt

The Sandusky and St Mary's Branch entered from the northwest and crossed the Big Four Main and continued south to Springfield as the Bellefontaine Branch.  There were also connecting tracks on the west and east side of the diamonds.  At some point the diamonds were removed and replaced with turnouts.........Geoff Hubbs

                                        HN(Sands)  Kenton   1    2    3   

NYC crossed the Erie and it was an Erie tower. Wally apologizes for the blurry pic two. I asked ex operator Bill Haines why HN was called Sands. The best explanation he has was because the this was NYC's SANDusky line. Bill said he would look into it a bit further. Hey Mr. Lustig....This could be more busy work  for YOU !!!!!

Wally Mattes said (and he said it can't be fully confirmed yet) that the forerunner of the NYC Line that crossed at HN(Sands) in Kenton Ohio was called the S andusky AND S pringfield.
Maybe this is where the name "SANDS" originated.

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Five more pics from Wally Mattes.

Missouri.............................Louisiana    1    2    3    4    5

The C&A(Chicago and Alton) a predecessor to the GM&O crossed the CB&Q. The C&A line ran from Kansas City to Roodhouse where the line split with one line going to Chicago, the other to St. Louis.  The "Q" Line which ran from West Quincy to St. Louis was known as the "K" Line. Louisiana was an Alton tower ???.........Barry Lennon/Trey Kunz

The following two are from ex operator Noah Caplin

New Jersey........................XC(Excee)  Cranford   1    2      CNJ

XC lasted well into Conrail an it closed in 1990, I think.

Captain's log  9.19.20

For real this time.......Two shots of North Judson.

Indiana........................North Judson   1   2

In both photos the tower does not take front and center. In fact only the "pipelines" in picture one and just a sliver of the tower showing in picture two are the only indicators that these are tower  photos. BUT the historic value is what wins the day here. Besides its MY website so I should be able to post what I like; so THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!........LOL  The players here were C&O (Cincinnati to Chicago line), Erie, NYC's Kankakee Belt and Pennsy's Cincinnati to Chicago Line. It was a PRR tower and used a USS IS&F machine, 104 levers 49 used. Wally Mattes and George Marx said "AH" were North Judson's call letters. On the NYC it was "J". Here is the diagram, the "blocking panel" and the model board. Those blocking panels were strictly a PRR thing. If it can be kept to 548 paragraphs I might ask Wally to give a little explanation on their function and how they worked. Today it is very difficult to find where the tower once stood.....Very Sad

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Two sets from Wally Mattes, one of them a new tower.

Indiana..............................Boyd  Jeffersonville   1   2   3   4

Boyd was on PRR's Indianapolis to Jeffersonville Line at MP104.9 (from Indy) Boyd led in an out at the north end of Jeff Yard. B&O's  North Vernon to New Albany IN line crossed here. Reckoned by B&O thinking Boyd was at MP50.5 (from New Albany) The B&O called Boyd tower "X". I remember going by the still open tower when I was VERY infrequently called to work the Louisville line. Boyd used a National Style A machine, 28 levers, 16 used. Picture number four shows a tilt target dealie. The tower has been gone from the early 2000's. Boyd was a B&O tower.  

Ohio................................*Greenville    1    2    3    

Greenville was at MP94.5 (from Columbus) on Pennsy's Columbus OH to Chicago via Bradford line. This is the line that ran up through New Paris OH. The D&U (Dayton and Union) crossed here. The line went from Dayton to Greenville and later was extended to Union City IN. The operator was in the depot but, oddly enough, he did not sit in the bay window. He was in the arched window which can be seen in the extreme right in picture number two. Greenville also controlled a CP point called East Greenville (MP92.6). Greenville was a Pennsy facility. 

This line was the Dayton & Union Subdivision in B&O employee timetables. There are two Union City's, one on each side of the Ohio-Indiana border. The D&U crossed the state line and had 0.2 miles of right-of-way in the state of Indiana, where a connection was made with the NYC. In steam days, the D&U used the New York Central engine facilities that once were on the south side of the NYC main line. The D&U came under B&O control in 1926. The last B&O run to Union City was in October 1964, and the line was cut back to Greenville. I'm not sure when service to Greenville ended, it was late 1970's or early 1980's. As others have noted here, the line remained in service to Arcanum in order to provide service to Continental Grain, west of Arcanum on the old NYC (P&E) line between Springfield and Indianapolis. Not sure when this service ended, but the line to Arcanum was gone by the mid-1990's.......Steve Salamon 

Wally Mattes said that the Cincinnati Northern (NYC) figured in at HN(Sands) too "in the day".


Carl Barneyback, remember that guy????,  sent me two diagrams
               diagram 1         diagram 2  Dayton  Ohio

 Diagram One : St Louis Municipal Bridge Railway System including details of the interlocking plants as of 1 June 1941.  It includes Carroll St and Gratiot St towers.

The sightless eyes of the Hollow Watcher see more than you might imagine.


Five towers, three new ones, and three diagrams. All were sent via Geoff Hubbs, all are Long Island Railroad (LIRR).

The LIRR was unprofitable for much of its history. In 1900, the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) bought a controlling interest as part of its plan for direct access to Manhattan which began on September 8, 1910. The wealthy PRR subsidized the LIRR during the first half of the new century, allowing expansion and modernization. Electric operation began in 1905. After the Second World War, the railroad industry's downturn and dwindling profits caused the PRR to stop subsidizing the LIRR, and the LIRR went into receivership in 1949.

New York...........................*FW  Rockaway

                                            *G  Great Neck

                                            *Olivet  Maspeth   photo  diagram

                                              Park  Floral Park  photo  diagram

                                              PT  Lynbrook

                                              VA  Valley Stream  photo  diagram

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Continuing with our LIRR theme; I have seven shots of Dunton in Jamaica, New York. All were taken by Michael Brotzman.

New York............................Dunton   1   2   3   4   5   6   7


Three towers sent via Craig Berndt. Mr. Berndt , along with Wally Mattes, are members of the Three Rivers Railroad Heritage Council in Ft. Wayne IN. I appreciate him sending these my way. They are ALL Pennsylvania towers.


                                         North Manchester


Clymers : This is a long story so you might want to leave now. PRR's Crawfordsville Branch ran from East Yard (Terre Haute) to Frank(MP 78.2) Frank was little more than a block station. Pennsy's I&F(Indianapolis and Frankfort) branch ran from Indianapolis to Frank. As a side note the I&F was , I believe, the last Main Line built in Indiana. The two lines converged and ran to Van tower in Logansport then on to Chicago. Finally, about Clymers. Clymers was at MP 109.2 from Terre Haute. The Wabash crossed here. Clymers used a USS IS&F machine with 40 levers. It's call letters were CY..... Wally Mattes/Dan Maners

North Manchester : This place was at MP37.1 on Pennsylvania's
Logansport Line which ran from Van tower (Logan) to Vandale tower. The NYC crossed here. I believe Wally said this tower was built and the machine installed but never opened. It's call letters were, surprisingly "NM" !!!!!......J Charles Twilight

Vandale : Vandale was sometimes called Columbia City ,which was where the tower was located. It was at MP 339.2 (from Pittsburgh) on Pennsylvania's hot Ft. Wayne Line (Pittsburgh to Chicago) Vandale is where the Logansport line hooked into the Main Line. It had a USS IS&F machine with an S-8 add on, 60+E levers, 18 used, as of early 70's. It's call letters were "CU".

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Three more from Mike Brotzman.

Maryland...................................Bay  1   2   3      PRR

Bay stood at MP 91.9 on Pennsy's Philadelphia to Washington DC Main. Mileposts are from Suburban Station in Philly.


From Dave Oroszi, 4 black and white studies of AC in Marion Ohio. Tower info.

Ohio.......................................AC  Marion   1   2   3   4     Erie


Welcome new contributor, Tony Liccese, today. He only sent one pic to test the waters and he said he would send more soon. Tom is also an ex operator from the Central Railroad of New Jersey.

New Jersey...................Essay(SA)  South Amboy   CNJ

Dan Maners     [email protected]

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